I was nervous about buying a home as a single person and didn’t have a lot of knowledge about home construction.  When CORSPECT completed my home inspection, it not only gave me piece of mind about the condition of the home I was buying, but it also served as a way for me to learn about how to care for my new home.  The technology used by CORSPECT found a hidden moisture issue that enabled me to negotiate repairs from the seller for a problem that not even the seller knew existed.

– Lisa


When I was selling my townhome, I was competing with a lot of existing and new construction townhomes in the same development.  I had to try to find a way to convince buyers that my resale home was in as good of condition as the other new homes and to set it apart from the other resale homes.  My REALTOR suggested that I have my home pre-inspected by CORSPECT and supply a copy of the professional home inspection report to prospective buyers.  It did the trick and my home sold before any of the others in the neighborhood!

– Theresa


My wife and I were actually first exposed to CORSPECT when they were performing an inspection for the buyer of our home.  Even though they were working for the buyer, we were so impressed with the professionalism, technology and the service provided, that we knew we wanted to use them for the inspection on the home we eventually found to purchase.  To this day, we rest easier knowing that our new home was thoroughly inspectioned by CORSPECT.

– Kevin and Melissa


A new home that I built had a pipe freeze in an exterior wall.  I did what was right and covered the repairs for the buyer.  However, I didn’t know what had caused it or how far the damage was.  I hired CORSPECT to use one of their infrared cameras to look at the wall.  They found the source of the problem and I was able to fix it without having to tear out a lot of the wall.  The buyer was happy with it and I didn’t have to spend a ton of money on repairs.

– Steve